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Fishville vs Happy Aquarium
Busing Fish
  In both Fishville and Happy Aquarium you but fish at the store. In Fishville you select the fish and then you can drop eggs into your tank with each click.
Raising Fish
  In Fishville it is just a matter of waiting until the fish grows. IN happy aquarium the process is the same but there are games you can play to train your fish while they are growing.
Selling Fish
  This is the main goal in Fishville. Placing eggs in your tank, waiting for them to grow, and then
Decorating Your Tank
  In both Fishville and Happy Aquarium you but decorations at the store. You can also gift and receive dacoration to and from neighbors.
Training Fish
  Happy Aquarium includs mini games for training your fish.
Treasure Hunt
  In Happy Aquarium you can earn coins and find prizes playing a treasure hunt game..
  Neighbors serve the same function in both Hayyp Aquarium and Fishville.
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